Dear friends, members, and old-members of Fyrfad,

In 2018, M.S.V.V. Fyrfad celebrated her 4th Lustrum. This means it was time for not one, not two, not three, but four parties! Several committees of Fyrfad, including the Lustrum Committee, WeekendCie, Fyrbattle Committee, and of course the Board, had planned four awesome activities that would ensure that Fyrfad members are getting treated like Royals!

The overarching theme of the 4th Lustrum was “Fyrfad Royal”, so we treated everyone like kings and queens!

Onder de Brug

Lustrum Gala

The first Lustrum activity was a Lustrum Gala, which took place on 12 January. There was dancing and drinking all night, and in the theme of the lustrum a gala King and Queen were elected!

Maaseik Volleyball Match

For the second Lustrum activity, we watched a high level volleyball match of the volleyball club in Maaseik. The Mens 1 team of the club Noliko won this Eredivisie match with 3-1. 


Fancy Dinner

For the third Lustrum activity, which took place on 20 March, everybody suited up or dressed up. Everyone took their fanciest clothes out of the wardrobe and joined us at this delicious dinner!

Fyrfad Day!

On 14 April, we celebrated what Fyrfad is all about! First there were home games at UM Sports where we played and cheered on our fellow Fyrfadters, and afterwards we had a BBQ and a legendary cantus.