What is the WIE?

WIE (Werkgroep Integratie Eerstejaars = Workgroup Integration of First-years) is a 4-week introduction period at the beginning of every academic year. These four weeks are organized so that the new members get a chance to get to know other Fyrfad and its new and returning members.

During the WIE weeks, a fun activity will be organized every Tuesday following the instuif. These activities always end with a drink in our bar ‘Gabi’s Beer Bar’! In past years our members have participated in cycling dinners, a pub quiz, a beer pong tournament, and many other fun activities! The WIE-period has always ended with the notorious WIE-cantus in the last week, where the new members get to know the Dutch student tradition of singing together and drinking (lots of) beer!

Of course is nothing obligated during the WIE-period, but it is a great way to get to know other members, both in and outside of your team. So come to the WIE-activities and begin your time as a Fyrfad member with an unforgettable start!


The Theme

The WIE activities have an overlapping theme that changes every year. Especially the Cantus is one big costume party! In 2017 the theme was “Superheroes”, in 2016, the “Rumble in the Jungle” theme turned all the members into party animals, and with the International theme of 2015 everyone enjoyed an exotic meal during the cycling dinner. 

Join us!

You can subscribe for the individual WIE activities during the Instuif introduction practices or via the links placed on the private Fyrfad Facebook group. If you’ve already become a new member and are not yet added to the Facebook group, please send an email to activiteiten.coordinator@fyrfad.nl!

If you have questions for the WIE committee, you can ask them to one of our committee members. During the Instuif and WIE activities they will always wear the red Fyrfad Committee shirts so that they’re easily recognizable and approachable. If you still can’t find them you can always send an email to wie@fyrfad.nl!

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