The membersweekend is THE Fyrfad weekend. Every year after the first exams, the always amazing and spectacular membersweekend takes place, which every member of Fyrfad can join. Each time the weekend has a specific theme, such as ‘Back in time’, ‘Oh Oh Fyrfad (Cherso)’ and ‘Expedition Fyrfad’.

Whether you just became a member or whether you have been playing at Fyrfad a really long time, the membersweekend is the perfect end of the WIE period. Every year the weekend is a big success, possibly thanks to the (in)famous Fyrfad Cantus! Besides a cantus, every year there are some fun activities organised by the committee, there is a camp fire and the possibility to get to know your fellow Fyrfad members.

Ledenweekend 2014-1
Ledenweekend 2014-3
Ledenweekend 2014-2

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