The Inkom is the general introduction week for all the new students in Maastricht, organized by the Workgroup Inkom ( This week takes place at the end of August before the new academic year starts and several activities and parties are organised so that the new students can discover what it is like to study in Maastricht!

And of course Fyrfad is there, for the great parties, the good atmosphere, and the afternoons at the pool. Also, Fyrfad is there to look for new members.

The Intro committee is the committee that ensures that the Fyrfad activities are organized, the promo is ready and everyone has a fabulous week!

The Intro committee, the helpers, and other Fyrfad members are easy to spot: they all wear a turquoise t-shirt. This year, you can find us during the pub crawl in our bar ‘Gabi’s Beer Bar’, at the information festival and at the sports event! Here you can also join us for some volleyball. Fyrfad will also be present during the big MECC parties, so come check us out!

* DISCLAIMER: Maastricht introduction week, the INKOM, is organised by Workgroup INKOM in the name of Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool ( Workgroup INKOM is responsible for the whole INKOM program. Workgroup INKOM and Fyrfad are cooperating to make this week a success

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