Dear ladies of Fyrfad,

Nearly eleven years ago, three ladies within Fyrfad founded the sorority Voramus. From that moment we’ve enjoyed everything to do in Maastricht! At the moment we have grown out to an active sorority with 14 active and 30 alumni members. Every Wednesday evening we unite to have a good talk, a nice dinner, to drink some glasses of wine and make sure that the inner city of Maastricht isn’t safe anymore! Of course we have some other activities as well. Annually there are organised weekends to members abroad and we shut off the year with the annual Voramus weekend. But there is still more, we go to the carnival, have a date dinner, Christmas dinner, visit the Christmas market in Aachen, make sushi and have a mother’s, father’s, or brother’s/sister’s day!
To get us know better, we have three drinks at the beginning of the season. Are you interested, do you want to come and have a drink with us or do you just want to know more about Voramus?? Please contact us by sending an email, have a look at our website or like our Facebook page!

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