How many members does Fyrfad have?

M.S.V.V. Fyrfad consists of roughly 180 members

How many teams does Fyrfad have?
In the last season there were 14 teams playing at Fyrfad. 7 of those were weekend teams (play matches in the weekend), 6 of those were week teams (play matches during the week), and one beginners team (doesn’t play matches because they haven’t played volleyball before).

For how long has Fyrfad been in existence?
Fyrfad was founded in 1998

What does the word Fyrfad stand for?
Fyrfad means ‘to attack’ in old-Danish. In regular Danish it means ‘tealight’.

What are the membership fees?
The fee for a year-membership during the season 2018-2019 will be €80,00, whereas a half year-membership will be €60,00. The half year-membership runs from September until December or from January until June.
These fees exclude the cost for a UM sport card, which is a mandatory requirement for all Fyrfad members. You can acquire a UM sport card (before the 1th of October) from Maastricht University. The costs can be found here.

Will there be a hazing?
No! Fyrfad does not have a hazing procedure for a set duration with obligated social activities. There will be an introduction period known as the WIE which runs until the beginning of October and consists of a weekly fun activity to participate in. The goal of this introduction period is to get new members acquainted with the other members and settled within the association. There is no obligation to attend these activities, but we can guarantee you will have a fun time!

Does Fyrfad have any obligations?
Each member will be asked to count or referee at a match every now and then. Most likely this will only happen once or twice during the entire season.
Fyrfad also knows a volunteers contribution where each member will be expected to do something for the association. This can be as simple as setting up the nets during a tournament up to joining a committee or workgroup that deals with a project which can run for a period of time

What is the volunteers contribution of Fyrfad?
Fyrfad is an enthousiastic student sports association, but not without help from our members!
We need YOU to keep Fyrfad as nice as it is right now. We have no obligations towards our members but one: every member has to fulfill a volunteers contribution. You can do this by joining a committee, giving training, helping with tournaments etc.
The board offers a minimum of three options to fulfill your volunteers contribution during one season. When you don’t use this options and haven’t fulfilled your volunteers contribution by the end of the year, we will charge you with 15 euros.

What kind of committees does Fyrfad have?
The following committees exist:
Policy committee
Party committee
KCC (Financial control committee)
Members weekend committee
PR- and Sponsor committee
Editorial committee
TeC (Technical Committee)
WIE (Workgroup integration firstyears)

On which level can I compete within Fyrfad?
For the people with (some) experience there is a choice between the week- and the weekend competition. The week teams will play  during the week against local teams on the same level, whereas the weekend teams play during the weekend in the regional competition.
At the moment we have 6 weekteams and 7 weekendteams.
Ladies 1 currently plays in the first class, Ladies 2 in the second class, and Ladies 3 and Ladies 4  in the third class.
Men 1 currently plays in the promotion class, Men 2 in the second class, and Men 3 in the third class.
Within Fyrfad you can play at any level you like.
There is a C team for people who rarely or never have played volleybal before. This team will not participate in the competition in the first year, instead they will be taught the basis of volleybal and gain some experience.

Do I have to play matches if I wish to come play volleybal in Fyrfad?
It is of course desirable to take part in our competion, certainly if you are an advanced player.
Do you still play matches at home? Come and join us in our trainings for the weekend teams at Fyrfad, whilst still playing at your old club during the weekend.
However, this is only possible for one year. There is a procedure within Fyrfad to make sure that our weekend teams remain full. This obligates you to start playing in our weekend competition after you have trained with Fyrfad the previous year. It is thus possible to just train for 1 year, but of course we prefer you to come play competition with us at once! For more details you can always approach the Technical Committee

How will I be assigned to a team?
 During the Try Out trainings your level will be assessed by the Technical Committee. Based on this, they assign all the members to a team. If you think that you could play at a different level than you have been assigend to, there is still a possibility to declare this. The Technical Committee, the trainers and trainings will determine whether a change is warranted.

How did Fyrfad perform in the previous years on a competitive level?
The weekteams are in a competition where it is not possible to either promote or demote. 
Like last year, Ladies 1 still plays in the first class. Our Ladies 2 team became champions of their poule this year, so they have promoted to the second class. Ladies 3 and Ladies 4 will both be playing in third class, as before. The Men 1 and Men 2 teams promoted, so they now play in promotional and second class, respectively. Our Men 3 team still plays in the third class.   

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