In 1998 the Maastricht Student Volleyball Association Fyrfad (M.S.V.V. Fyrfad) was founded. Fyrfad is the sole student volleyball association in region of Maastricht and our main goals are ‘gezelligheid’ and ofcourse volleyball!

The name Fyrfad was chosen based on its meaning derived from old Danish, where it stands for ‘to attack’. This lends itself rather well for volleyball. In its first years Fyrfad had around 40 members; however this number steadily grew in the past years. Nowadays Fyrfad has around 170 members, making it one of the biggest sport associations in Maastricht. The members are divided over several teams which play on different levels, ranging from beginners up to more advanced players. Fyrfad offers you the choice to either play on a recreational or competitive level. This means you either play matches on Fridays or on Saturdays.

Besides playing volleyball, there are plenty of social activities in which you can participate. Come and join us for a drink in our bar Gabi’s Beer Bar or any of the many activities that we organize such as, our members weekend or our walking dinners. However, the activities that are organized are really diverse! To check them out, click here!

To make sure everything goes well and to fulfil the demand for activities, Fyrfad has a board and several committees. Every member of Fyrfad has the opportunity to get a spot in a committee or a seat in the board to train their organization skills and gain experience. To check out the different committees, click here!

Students who own a sport card from Maastricht University, which can be bought at UM Sport, can opt to register at Fyrfad and start playing volleyball.

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